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Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Druze leaders for the second day in a row Friday but failed to reach an agreement to end their dispute over the controversial Jewish Nation-State Law.
After meeting Thursday with Druze MKs in his coalition, Friday’s meeting was attended by Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, Brig.-Gen. Amal Asad (ret.) and former Labor MK Shakib Shanan. Communications Minister Ayoub Kara attended both meetings.

“The meeting was respectful, we explained the prime minister what bothered us in the law, and what needs to be fixed so the law will guarantee equality for us,” Shanan told The Jerusalem Post. “We told him we have no problem being part of a Jewish State and we want the law to see us as a part of it. The prime minister explained his good intentions with the law and said he would look into the possibilities without making any promises.”

Shanan said there would be a massive protest against the law in Tel Aviv on August 4.

Sheikh Moafaq Tarif told The Post‘s sister publication Maariv at the end of the meeting that he felt that the prime minister heard his community’s concerns.

“I trust the prime minister to find the best possible solution after his upcoming meeting with the heads of the local Druze communities,” he said. “We rely on his wisdom. But we insist that certain issues be corrected. We have no problem with the Jewish issues which are being discussed in the State of Israel, but we want the Druze issues to be treated equally.”
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Brig.-Gen. Amal Asad (ret.) said in Friday’s meeting: “We will not stop our protests. We will rally to express our disregard of the law and our disappointment at the fact that while the Druze community continues to support the Jewish people without question, the Jewish Nation-State bill abandons the Druze.” second second second second second second second second