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Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto : “Politics has raped European law and values.”It was lightly raining on the border of Hungary and Serbia two years ago. This added a layer of depression as I watched thousands of people walking along old railroad tracks to try to enter the European Union and gain asylum.They trundled with bags on their backs, sometimes with tents, but more often with children perched on their shoulders or held across their chests. They were mostly Syrians, some of the millions who had fled the war between rebels and Bashar Assad’s regime. They had made the difficult passage to Turkey and then at sea to Greece on inflatable boats with cheap life preservers that barely floated. Then they had come to mainland Greece, pushed their way across the bridge to Macedonia, and thence on to Serbia.

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Hungary was the gate to the EU and they had reached the gate, along an abandoned railway line.Two years ago, on the night of September 13, 2015, Hungary completed a border fence across railroad tracks that linked the town of Roszke with Horgos in Serbia. The day before more than a thousand people had crossed as they had been doing for weeks. Media at the time described the vast numbers of refugees and migrants entering Europe in biblical terms. “Multitudes” and a “flood” pouring across the borders. Migrants were “flowing” into the EU.Peter Szijjarto…Read more…. v v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v